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Type   Study/analysis Analysis and implementation of a European database on training need

Title    Analysis and implementation of a European database on training needs

Description   In the preliminary and preparation phases of the project, the components of the international partnership will agree and elaborate a format for the collection of the training needs; questionnaires will be prepared and administered to teachers.
The collection of data will be focused on local training needs: each project partner will get electronic forms for the collection of the training and educational needs of teachers of Mathematics and Science; the educational needs of students will be obtained from the analysis of the results and collected in a report.

The outputs which will be implemented are:
1. Development of a European database on training needs;
2. Definition of common educational models and of one or more possible paths of intervention built on the basis of educational polycentricism.

In order to reach these results, we will put in place the following activities:
1. Preparation and administration of questionnaires; analysis of results;
2. Formulation of a documental project drawn up by the partnership members which has to be written within 12 months from the beginning of the project.


Project phase   Preparation

Title    Analysis of training needs

Description Despite having already done the analysis on training needs at international level, from which the project objectives have been derived, this analysis report has the aim to verify in details which the training and educational needs are, according to specific training needs that teachers have expressed to modernize and update an innovative didactic, in the contents, in the methodology and also in the instruments (ICT) which will be used.
Tasks and role of each organisation
All the partnership components will contribute to the identification of the items necessary to draw up survey questionnaires for the detection of training needs. Data is collected locally by each partner organization in relation to their own area of competence.
Through webinars and contacts on the web platform, criteria for the interpretation of data and the format for the restituition of results will be established.
Confindustria, on the basis of their experience in the definition of Italy’s present socio-economic situation and in the definition of the training educational needs necessary to adequately respond to the employability demands, could offer its contribution to the analysis of the data which emerged both from the national and international surveys.


Report on the results of the questionnares administered to Mathematics and Science teachers on the training and educational needs

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